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Options for hiring our miniature railway

Our battery loco will be able to run at both indoor and outdoor venues. In the future our planned steam locomotive will only be able to run at outdoor venues due to safety restrictions. Although event organisers are free to advise as to how long the hire will be during a day, it is our advice that for public events the hire time would run from 10.30am - 12.30pm, and then 1.30pm - 4.30pm giving a running time of 5 hours. If the event is outdoors between November and March we would recommend the day finishes at 3.30pm.

Supplied as standard

Every public event will be supplied with a "Station" consisting of a Gazebo and enough safety fencing to enclose the miniature railway. At small private events we may not install the station area depending on space available at the venue. At least two members of staff will attend as well - A Driver and a Station Master/Guard. At larger events we may have a third member of staff to split the rolls of Station Master and Guard.

The Train

Below is a representation of the locomotive and ride on rolling stock we will be aiming to provide. Colours may change. Note - You ride ON these coaches, not in them ! Every coach will have running boards fitted to keep feet away from the ground and they will also have raised ends.

A typical consist or train will have the locomotive followed by a 3ft driving truck, followed by up to three 5ft coaches. Each coach is capable of taking 4 passengers. A full length train will be over 20ft long. At hire time you can choose how many coaches will be required or you can leave the decision to us. We would recommend the full train for charity events to maximize the possible profits from the event, and 1 or 2 coach trains for private events.

Track Configurations

We will be offering three different track configurations - Straight out and back, Dog Leg and Oval. Each can be configured to a different size depending on the available space at your venue. The maximum and minimum sizes are given below:

Straight Out and Back


A straight out and back configuration would require around 200ft x 10ft of space. If hiring for a private event, as a minimum, with a one coach train holding 4 passengers, we would not recommend a track length any less than around 50ft. At the minimum size we would not install the station.

Dog Leg

A Dog Leg configuration can be installed right or left handed and requires 120ft of space on each side, 10 x 20 ft of space around the station area and at least 3ft of clearance along the line. We do not recommend this configuration for private events.


The Oval configuration has a maximum size of 100ft x 90ft with the station area requiring 20ft x 10ft and a clearance of 3ft around the line. The width of this configuration can be reduced if required, but we do not recommend reducing the length.


All our trains will run no faster than 5mph giving an approximate run time of 1 minute with the maximum size configurations.




We are now accepting bookings from the 1st of July 2015. You can contact us using the form below or by calling us on 01925 502276 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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